Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I'm Stunned

I found a link to the article about the puppy mill Maddie came from 5 years ago(see "Maddie's Story"). There's actually a picture of her in the cage she was kept in! I did NOT expect to see her when I clicked on the pictures. You can see her distinctive wishbone on her neck. Me and my mom always say those are her wings and she's really an angel.

I've never seen pictures from the puppy mill and I never saw her puppies - who died soon after being rescued. I always wondered what it was like for her and where they had kept her. No wonder Maddie hates those kennels. No wonder she's so excited about every meal she eats. I Just think about how panicked she used to get when I had to leave her in a kennel. There was a time when she could escape from one of those kennels in 30 seconds flat. She had spent so many hours staring at those stupid black wires that separated her from food and water and freedom. My poor girl. I think about how close she came to death and how different my life would be without her.

I've never seen a dog who appreciates laying in the sunshine so much. She rolls on her back and stretches and yawns. I think of how she longed for sunshine on those cold winter days. (the puppy mill was busted in January and animals were kept in a barn). She didn't even have any hair left to insulate her...or body fat.

I think about how good she is with the chicks and little animals around the farm. I'm sure she was a great mommy to those puppies.

I just fed her extra big portions tonight for dinner. And for a happy picture to follow up a horrible one. Maddie and Yombi the other day snuggling with my big tree in the front yard.

Maddie and Yombi sitting in a tree...

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