Friday, March 13, 2009


Step 1: Admit you have a problem.
Step 2: Admit you have a problem to the enablers on your favorite message board. They will nullify the "dark side" of the problem, and introduce you to a new breed of chick you don't have ... yet...
Step 3: Purchase new chick that you learned of in step 2.
Step 4: Deal with coop crowding situations after the fact.
Step 5: Admit (again) you have a problem...
Step 6: Build coop even larger than necessary so you have excuse to buy more
Step 7: Buy more
Step 8: Buy the incubator because you can't order chicks in some of the more rare varieties you are dying to have. Write off cost of incubator as health care expense on taxes because you were 'dying' to have it, so it must have saved your life by purchasing it. Definitely a health care expense.
Step 9: Clear out closet in spare room, put little muzzles over chick beaks and tell 'significant other' that the noise coming form closet is just mice and you have that under control. If they persist use the old lie that women use for new clothing-"Oh, that old thing? Had that for years, your just not very observant.
Step 10: Add on to Coop!! Assure hubby it is the only addition. (Till the all the eggs you just bought come in and hatch!!)
Step 11: Move just so your chickens have enough space to free range, no other reason....
Step 12: GIVE UP FIGHTING! You're an addict, get used to it!!!

Only for me, step 8 came right after step 2. I didn't have anyone to tell me no. What can I say?

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