Friday, April 3, 2009

I'm so easy...

...No. Not like that. I got a note at work saying that I have a special delivery coming easter weekend and it made my whole day/week/month. LOOK!!!

She's a little Pygmy doeling. Her name is Bonnie - which goes oh so well with Bella (stuff like that is important when picking out goats). I love her mischievous eyebrow markings. My friend has been helping me search for a buddy for Bella. She found Bonnie for me today. Bonnie will be weaned next week and is going to a new home with, guess what? FRESH MILK!! haha This little one may just be nursing for the next 6 months.

I have been milking Bella. I haven't been able to drink it, though because she was on antibiotics. Hopefully in two weeks if the new doeling doesn't drink it all, I can have my first taste of fresh goats milk. I hope I like it. I'm a milk fanatic(I pay $4/half gallon for Horizons organic whole tastes better than ice cream), so I think I will.

Bella has been super cuddly since I started milking her. I guess she has all those mommy hormones going and I'm the closest thing to a baby. She licks and nuzzles my forehead when I'm milking her. This coming from a goat who just last week was completely intolerant of having her udder touched. The whole time she was pregnant I thought I was supposed to sort of condition her to having her udder messed with. I would give her grain and then we would wrestle for about two minutes. Then if I actually got my hands on her udder, she would just lay down. haha

Then, all of a sudden, babies come out and her udder fills up and she just about melted into the ground the first time I milked her. She was so relieved.

I understand why people have such close relationships with their milk cow/goats. Bella has really bonded to me this week. So, I hope she's nice to Bonnie. I think she will be glad to have another goat to keep her company when I'm not around. She's very vocal about how lonely she is.

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