Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Sad Day

Bella, the pygmy goat, had a c-section today and lost the babies. I noticed when I got home from work yesterday that she had a vaginal prolapse. She did not go into labor or act uncomfortable, so my vet said to wait and see if she was going to have the babies overnight. She did not go into labor overnight (she was happily munching hay right up until I threw her in the car today) so I brought her in this Afternoon. The vet palpated her and said she was fully dilated, but she couldn't feel the babies and they needed to come out, so Bella got anesthetized and cut open. She had twins that were sharing the same uterine horn (normally there would be one on each side) so neither one of them could pass.
Bella would never have been able to give birth that way since they were blocking each other. Bella was either bred the week before I got her, by accidentally getting into her dad's pen. Or she was bred the week after I got her, when she got loose and spent a few days crossing the countryside. When I finally found her, she reeked of buck musk and there are several big herds of goats around my farm.
The vet said it was possible that she could have been bred by a 150 lb. Boar goat and in that case, she would never have been able to carry the babies to term.

The twins looked to be almost full term, but after 30 minutes of stimulating them their little hearts gave out almost at the same time. Dr. thinks their lungs weren't developed enough for them to breathe on their own. They were beautiful little babies; one boy and one girl.

Bella was stitched up and she is recovering here at home. She's feeling pretty rough after all she's been through, but she should be fine. My friend, Kelli came over and we buried the babies under a nice shade tree on the hill. Since Bella's a first timer, she probably won't realize she's lost babies, so I don't think she'll grieve. I'm sure she's just wondering what kind of magic mushrooms she ate to cause such a bad trip.

I'm sorry the babies didn't make it. It would have been easier if they had been DOA, but after rubbing them and feeling their hearts beating and holding their perfect little bodies, it sure is hard to lose them like that. I'll probably camp out in the barn tonight just to make sure Bella doesn't have any complications. She's been sleeping a lot and really thirsty. I picked all her favorite weeds to try and get her to eat, but she only nibbles a bit here and there. I'm hoping that was enough to get her rumen going after surgery.

I Keep saying I need a truck, but the Corolla hasn't let me down, yet.

Bella at home. Her whole right side is shaved and that line is her stitches.


  1. That's so sad. :-( Especially sad that you held them and rubbed them and watched them die regardless. I'm glad the momma goat is ok despite her ordeal!

  2. Me too! I would really be torn up if I lost Bella AND the babies. She's doing really well. So well that her antibiotic shots are getting harder and harder to give, haha.