Friday, March 13, 2009

New Floors

I've decided that before the new Wood Stove is installed, now would be a good time to tear up the carpet (which I loathe) and put down nice laminate wood floors. After much contemplation and bringing home lots of samples from Lowe's, I picked this one. Wide planks and an aged finish. The seems won't be that obvious once it's installed. I'm pleasantly surprised by how realistic the laminate looks. Each plank in the box is unique with variations in color and grain. I was skeptical that it could look as good as wood, but I think it will. Yay!

Since I'll be tearing up the carpet to install the floors, I decided I should go ahead and paint the walls because it's a known fact that it's impossible for me to paint without getting it on the floor. I use the drop cloths and am always careful, but nevertheless paint ends up smudged on the floors and I end up on my hands an knees trying to pick little dried drops off without damaging the finish.

I ripped up the carpet today and while the back room looks good and level the hallway was a wreck.

Ahhh!!!! What is this??!!!

I love my old house. I love my old house. I love my old house.
I should know better by now than to think anything could be an easy weekend project.

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