Sunday, March 15, 2009


I drove to E-town today and picked up some Blue laced red Wyandotte eggs and a few Silver laced Wyandotte eggs. My Black Copper Marans hatched this week (8 out of 14). I'm a little disappointed with that hatch, only because I feel like I must have done something wrong. I picked the eggs up myself, so I can't blame the PO. Oh well, 8 is a good start. I just need to get some more Faverolle eggs and hopefully get a few hens out of the hatch and I'll have a good start to my breeding flocks.

I'm still having a terrible time getting rid of the 25 roosters from the first hatch. Things are getting backed up because I have no where to put the 50 5-week old pullets until the roos are gone. The pullets have taken over the storage shed and I finally just turned them loose in the backyard and lock them in the shed at night. The Rolle Patrol have front porch duty and are STILL sleeping in the house at night. I've been trying to find an idiot proof design for a small coop for them. Any ideas?


  1. We use a play house from Lowes for our little coop. (It's getting quite over crowded now, but since they only sleep in there I'm not too worried.) We found a 4x4 play house on sale for $75 last fall. The guys put it together and then nailed a piece of plywood on the bottom for a floor, and set it up on blocks of wood to keep it off the ground. We put thick mesh in the windows, added a roost pole 2x4, and now it's a coop.

  2. My word was relip, I have odd visions of what that could mean. It makes me think re-lip, as in putting some lips back on...

  3. I LOVE your coop! I wish I could find a deal like that. I'll have to keep an eye out at lowes to see if they have any more playhouses.

    I hope I never have to relip. It sounds painful.:-)