Thursday, April 16, 2009


Feedjit tells me that someone from LA got to my site by googling, "Horizons milk puppy mill". I'm thinking wtf why would someone search for that. Well it turns out several of the organic dairy farmers for Horizons milk (milk company who boasts about the humane treatment of their cows) are also running puppy mills. Horizons suspended at least one farmer until he stopped breeding puppies (he had several hundred dogs on site), so I'm not saying boycott Horizons, but it's just funny that two things that I mentioned on my blog that don't seem like they could ever possibly have anything to do with eachother led someone here because it's the exact thing they were searching for. haha. It's a vast and small world.

I think you can pretty much google anything and still get results.

Banana chimney
peanut chair
cradle sausage apparently one of Newton's theories

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