Saturday, April 4, 2009

Treely gets purty

FINALLY!!! A nice day that's not too cold for a bath. I've been dying to give my horse, Treely, a bath. It's either been Sunny and freezing or warm and rainy. It took me about an hour to get all the mud scrubbed off of her. She's shedding out globs of hair. Yes, globs.

Then I made her run around until she was dry while I took pictures...[insert evil laugh here]

I'm so mad I cut part of her out of this picture. I had the lunge whip in one hand and camera in the other and I needed two hands to take the picture.

Her expression always makes me giggle. She looks like a cartoon horse.

I've got a trainer lined up for this spring, so Tree mare is going to learn to drive and get some more time under saddle on trails and side passing and all that fun stuff. I just love my mare!


  1. What a beautiful mare! And she does look just like that cartoon, how funny. :)

  2. Thanks...glad I'm not the only one who sees the cartoon resemblance. haha.

  3. She's growing up to be such a beautiful young mare!! Isn't it fun watching them mature? I have really enjoyed watching Klein grow up from when I got her as a 2 year old. They only get more beautiful every day!

  4. I have the advantage of seeing how Klein is maturing so I know what to look forward to with Treely. I was just looking at her show pics again today. Man! If Treely looks half that good in a year, I'll be thrilled.