Thursday, May 28, 2009

Weeding is Fun!

I finally took out those hideous bushes along the back of the house. I've been itching to do this since I moved here. I dug one out by hand, but there were five and that would have taken all day...not to mention it was hard WORK! So I brought in the special forces.

I just looped the strap around the base of the bush, then hooked it to the tractor and backed up slowly. They came right out of the ground as if they were nothing more than spindly weeds.

I'm loving the tractor.

I'm going to replace the bushes with Hydrangeas. It's the perfect spot. See? Afternoon shade...just barely, haha. I just have to paint the house first. Oh boy, the fun never ends.


  1. A good friend and I were driving on a highway in Missouri some years back and passed a pickup truck hauling a ditch-witch. We were swooning over said piece of equipment, when the driver noticed our animated chatter. He puffed up and waved, thinking we were drooling over him. We laughed and laughed...the last thing either of us needed was another man, but boy that ditch-witch would have looked sexy in my shed...

    A good piece of equipment is hard to find, and worth keeping.

  2. Haha...I passed someone just the other day who was pulling a ditch witch. I have to admit, I swooned a little myself. I've got my eyes on a handsome wood chipper that would just do wonders for the compost pile.

  3. I had no water in my barn, so filling the stock tank we kept to refill water buckets involved dragging 200 feet of hose from the house to the barn. Not a problem in the summer when you could just leave it out, but in the winter it had to be "milked" dry so it wouldn't freese which was a PITA. With a Ditch Witch we could have dug a trench and run a water line. And put in fence "T" posts without busting our butts. And pulled out the 10 or so odd stumps that were the aftermath of strong winds. And dug holes for the critters that passed on instead of doing it by hand. And...well, you get the idea.