Saturday, May 2, 2009

April Showers Bring May Flies and other things, as well you know

Well those giant mosquito looking things otherwise known as May Flies are everywhere which means only one thing: Fowl Feast! The chickens and goslings (and cats) have been chasing the little buggers down all over the yard. I never knew what they were until last year when I was hand raising baby chimney swifts that got dumped at the clinic. With all the May flies swarming about, all I had to do was go out with a mason jar and harvest bugs a couple times a day. They are easy to catch (and harmless, thank god) and it's kind of addicting once you start hunting and catching them. I can completely relate to the obsession that has overtaken the fowl on the farm. The goslings weren't even interested in following me to the pond. They kept getting distracted because they just had to chase down a fly.

Today was not a good day for pictures, but look at the fly about to get crunched! RIP little fly.

The cats were very active today. I guess they only disappear during hot days. Today they ventured into the front yard.

One Cat.

Two Cat.

"How the hell did they do that?"


  1. LOL your farm looks like cat paradise! My outdoor cat also loves to climb trees. A few weeks after the ice storm she fell and got stabbed by a broken branch and got really sick. I think I wrote about that. Now I'm paranoid every time I see her up in a tree. The goslings are so adorable!!! I want to come cuddle them! They grow past that fuzzy stage shockingly fast, don't they?

  2. I remember you posting that. Poor thing. I guess being stabbed wasn't enough to deter her from tree climbing. She must have plenty of lives left...I bet once she gets down to 2 or 3 she'll lay off the tree climbing. ;-)

    You are welcome to come cuddle the goslings anytime! They are very good at snuggling. I just noticed today that they're starting to grow real feathers. They've probably doubled in size since I got them...which seems odd because now they're the same size as my 3 month old chickens. In another two weeks they are going to be monsters...with little baby arms (wings) still.

  3. AWW!!! i don't know what pictures you're seeing but i see only great ones. :) your kitties are so adorable and. . . oh my, a gosling! i've had a penchant for ducks and a weak spot in my heart for anything duck-related ever since i had one last year.

    it's cute that you've taken to hunting down may flies along with all your other creatures. ^_^