Thursday, February 12, 2009


Today was another warm February day. I worked most of the day but still had a few hours of daylight left to spend outside in the barn. The Rolle Patol have gotten quite good at coming in when the sun starts going down. I prop open the front door and wait. Within a few minutes I hear their little peep peeps as they come marching through the living room, down the hall to the den where their box is. These little chickens are just too cute. WHY didn't I discover chickens sooner!?

just to show how warm it's been:

Bees are out in full force and for some reason this one kept landing on my violin. I wonder if it smelled the rosin?


  1. I believe that you can love bees when inspect them.According to You love all animals you might be love other animals.Bee that on your violen probably want to learn how to play violen!Best wishes and regards.

  2. I DO love bees! You're funny :-) I guess I should have taught the bee how to play.